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Go hand in hand and make them ashamed.

There are piracies, and we have to admit that sometimes we quite enjoy them. While we cannot watch our beloved American TV series at our home located in Asia, we turn to pirates or sharing societies naturally....

Our first app will be live in a few weeks!!

It can, it just needs time and effort. And it won't happen without us, together, trying. Publisher needs to be re-educated, so are readers. We all need to sacrifice a little to create a beautiful world.

Let us enjoy the ride.

“Everything comes with a price.” That's a fine quote for capitalism and for life. We paid the price ourselves so please let us enjoy the ride.

Why do we want to start our own business?

We're sick of the days that we woke up aimlessly in the morning, got interrupted by insignificant bullshits every once in an hour...wandered around doing everything but important things, and thought hard at night about where exactly our energy went...